When hearts are locked

Apparent Not Spoken
September 14, 2021
How do I Sing Songs of Praise
September 14, 2021

   When hearts are locked

     Written by Alaro Basit


when hearts are locked,
the mouth becomes a dam of caged feelings
that paves way for escaping torrents of undiluted emotions.

the body itself, becomes a beast of beauty
that mauls at the fluttering flaws of lovebirds
and drags away booties of their captured souls.

when hearts are locked,
the brain builds an aquarium of liquid fantasy,
several feet below the surface of solid reality.
fingers fiddle on glossy sheets of epidermis
and draw on it faint lines of erotic ambiguity.

when hearts are locked,
they beat concurrently, like the resonating sounds of a tambourine while lips synchronize with sorcery, like the magical lamp of Aladdin.

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