What the Letter From Wrinkle Says

Shall We Number Our Days?
October 14, 2021
Old Age
October 14, 2021

What the Letter From Wrinkle Says

Written by Olowonjoyin Muhammed

Wrinkles have a way of telling bodies about how
they’ve mastered the art of wearing garments of
ages and time

& they etch themselves on skins with a letter that
portrays how colourful memories char into soot &
get clouded by the unforgiving garments of time

& how minds become archives, and bodies, museums
that house love and lost love and death and smiles and
dead dreams and faded fervors that refused to get

& how hollows greet bones and weariness plants betrayal
kisses on ligaments and ocular muscles

& how bodies start to recede into nothingness because
each step taken and each time air whistles over the wrinkles,
an angel of death hones a scythe above their heads.

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