February 14, 2021
Jollof and You
February 14, 2021


Written by Oduogu Victor

Each drifting second I sank deeper
My gloomy eyes sore from weeping
Amidst growing crowd, I was lonely
My world transformed into a sad cone
I grasped for breath, yet, I yanked at death
My despair had unfathomable depth
I loved the solemness of my solitude
I had no choice, it was a certitude
My within wailed to be heard
My soul craved love undeterred
My fingers were snapping furiously
Hopelessness formed, unwaveringly flapping
Each second seemed like eternity
It dragged on, exuding pains of life with alacrity
Then you happened, like the sun’s warmth after the rain
You loved deeply, your care was not feigned
You injected my world with undying hope
Like the stars at night, you beautified my withering scope
Against all odds, in this trip of our matrimony
You have caressed me with un-withered love, far above phony

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