February 14, 2021
rivers of melted butter lurking behind walls
February 14, 2021



Written by Gloria Anefu

Planted in our hearts is a seed,
That slowly becomes a tree.
Firm are the roots,
Etched deep at the center of our hearts,
To weather every trail and storm.
Watered daily by our words and actions,
Each memory spreads out,
Like branches on every side,
Pampered to bear fruits of joy.
Your smile a balm that soothes
My soul, Your laughter music
To my ears that never grows old.
Forever, a silent promise printed
On each leaf as a reminder.
Our hearts beat in union,
As I stare at your wondrous orbs
Revealing our past, present and future.
As we take the path of forever,
Entwined like vines,
Together as one.

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