The Creation of a W(hu)man

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August 16, 2021
Love Me Alone
August 16, 2021

The Creation of a W(hu)man

Written by Olalekan Daniel Kehinde


In the beginning, God created man

and saw that he was as lonely as a deserted path,


so He mixed fresh dust with a potion of sun,

and carved some contoured shapes beside its torsos.


He sprinkled some sweat on it like Catholic baptism

and beat two blisters out of its chest for the salvation of man.


Life was not yet in it because there was not yet the touch

of lust that shaped its waist into what beads could bear.


God was a poet, so He put metaphors in it before life;

He put sun, butterflies, and a thin pathway to salvation in it.


Breath of life then fell on it, a ripe pawpaw; matching metaphor

for a fair artwork whose skin blended with the waking of the sun.


It metamorphosed into a woman and fell on earth

but her feet did not stumble, instead they were soft as tissues


and her eyes were epistles of beauty, fireflies of radiant colour,

glimmering hope in the depressed sides of the lonely man.


When God was done, He rested from every other work

and beheld that all He had imbued in her were great.

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