Shall I compare her…

August 16, 2021
Brighter than light
August 16, 2021

       Shall I compare her…

Written by Alaro Basit   

Shall I compare her to the twilight in Africa?
For her fair flare blurs my eyes into a daze,
and it is the radiance of her laughter
that browbeats the sun into a faze.

Shall I compare her to the lone moon of the night sky?
For her beauty is one in a million stars,
Her smile, enough to make nightingales cry
and her body, a galaxy of wonders.

Shall I compare her to the sorcery of the sun?
For from her glow, planets pair and peer in glory.
Her elegance, every eyes must part to see at dawn
Her fragrance, makes hearts leap like the fetish month of February.

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