REVOLUTION: The Transition Of Man

My Father is a Gambler
November 15, 2021
Old Age
November 15, 2021

REVOLUTION: The Transition Of Man

Written by Psalmuel Benjamin

The neck of manliness is bleeding out his ligature

Like a ram, in obedience to the course of a knife.

Today, tomorrow, home at hand. Home, where

I will tell a tale of my excursion. Nothing much.

Only that I circled/ cycled a globe where man

Is a candle – hawking his fire like a magician

& disintegrating & washing down to his sole like a

firewood. Kánípé the day that will break me with

himself will take a morsel of patience & take a nap.

Let my wet eyes heal. Kánípé the jumbled me will

swirl a luck and make a prime palindrome of a precious

Pentateuch. Night! Don’t fall yet! Boy in white, pump

no blood! Dig me not/ I hate needles// bitter leaf/ Kolanut/

Mango leaf/ let fire lick kettle’s bum/ & kettle smoke//

Hot bitter smoke drives demons/ let me gulp

An excavator/ my demons are mansion owners//

Perhaps, the temperature of this steam will

Iron this rag I wear on my weak bones. Perhaps.

Night! Don’t fall yet! Boy in white, pump no blood!

Just spray me prayer that I make Phoenix – revival.

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    Weldone, Samuel.

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