Full Moon
December 15, 2021
January 14, 2022


Written by Osho Jeremiah

even the breeze that caresses our faces these days are twin brothers with the wind’s wings/flapping us into our mother’s wrappers//  we run about holding our stomachs the way the pastor says to regurgitate the stones of our heart/ nights like this, we know how to nurture our candles with tender palms & kiss earth a holy dance/ we want to unmask fires from our forehead/

we are not to blame/ our body too, wrinkles into the hands of time/ it is the genesis of a new universe/

last year/ our skins carried scars & smoke their hearts away/ thorns doing wonders in our throats/ here is knife/ there is gun/ safety was no longer a name we rake//

we want to throw ourselves a flower of beautiful scents & blow off the cake’s candle too/ not to father broken elations

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  1. Harblor Deck says:

    ❤️ Keep it up

  2. I was just telling my friend about that.

  3. Why is it I always really feel like you do?

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