Persephone’s Garden

April 15, 2021
April 15, 2021

Persephone’s Garden

Katie Gendrick

come visit me in persephone’s

garden lady of spring and queen of
death fruit and my heart will harden
as i’ll compel you to your last breath

pomegranates, pears, and cherries
ripe hang low from the boughs of her
trees rotten flesh lies underfoot
cloyingly sweet and riddled with bees

for you, a gift of earthy promise: first,
dewy mint and poplar sprigs, purple
grapes unmarred by sun, and then
misshapen green leaves of figs

dead wasps linger in the luscious fruit
and the seeds may cause you dismay
but press your teeth to the skin
and begin an eternal decay
persephone’s garden shows no care

to lovers that venture between—
now a place where i’ll love her—
the gates of the lofty iron queen

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