Once I Saw a Man

Debt of death
July 16, 2021
July 16, 2021

Once I Saw a Man

Written by Goody Ukpevie

Once I saw a man
Traveling on a long lonely road
with a backpack filled and open
Filled with desperate memories
Looking for ways to run.

The sky rose in it’s fullness behind me,
Casting her fingers as flickers of golden rays.
On vast lands covered with men,
Some were swift like stallions
Others, sluggish like snails
Were laddened with heavy backpacks.

Even the river runs till she runs into oceans,
The moon runs till it finds daylight.
Every morning when we rise,
We step into tracks of needs
Stretching themselves like the boundless sky
Reaching into the hem of the universe.
In this race called life, We are all athletes
with uncertainties striking us at our deepest cores.

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  1. Augustine Greatness says:

    This is so true I can relate to the expression in this poetry. Well done Grace Ukpevie, I love this beautiful piece.

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