Old Age

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November 15, 2021
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November 15, 2021

Old Age

Written by Ukpevie Grace Francis

Let me tell you a story child,

from a time when my legs wobbled in ecstasy

and my fingers reached for every mischief.

I have age long stories of fear and dispair,

that gripped my eyes once and remained there.

slowly, we were paddled into old age

by the weakening of muscles and loosening of joints.


Our grey hairs tell better tales of the time

that has passed through our hearts.

The anger we have held and the love we have given.


Our wrinkles are overstretched trips

taken by our minds through the test of time.

Tests; sometimes stronger, other times weaker and at odd times our match.


Our minds grow still, while our fingers become restless,

trembling at the ordinary clutch of a cup.

Our bodies age, but our minds live

a dozen lives all over, reminding our aging selves

Of memories that are decades old.

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