Ode to a new dawn

December 15, 2021
December 15, 2021

Ode to a new dawn

Written by Friday Praise Samuel

The sky’s horizon is knitted with golden threads,
My heart sinks in surreal happiness,
The sound of joy resounds in my memory,
The humming sound of the birds unite and write,
A new lyric of merry to my soul.
Today, my heart is filled with merry, and I rejoice
With berries and perry, to quench every pain that
My soul was tethered to.
I dance the waltz and the foxtrot, to the rhythm of the lyric
Made by the humming birds.
Today, my face won’t wear smiles of pain,
But bear a smile that won’t wane its light,
In every shade of light
My face births tears of joy, that has turned trash to treasure.
Reflecting on how the year marked my body unsafe,
I sing aloud with my solemn contralto voice,
Celebrating a new dawn free from mourn.

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  1. Favour says:

    I love the piece. It’s full of beauty and happiness.

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