New Beginning

New Beginnings
January 14, 2022
Duet in Counterpoint
February 15, 2022

New Beginning

Written by Favour Raymond

 When the world made me to relive my nightmares,
You pulled me into an embrace, caressed my cheeks
and whispered in your nightingale-like voice, ‘I am here, always’.

When the stars took a break from my life like soldiers on
retreat, you formed walls made with fireflies and fireworks
around me. You screamed, ‘We will get through this, together’.

When my life was immune to colours, like the monochrome
television which dad chattered about on moonless nights…
Moonless nights like tonight, I became your palette.

When darkness returned from it’s occasional vacation,
You held my hands as we walked through the scary tunnel, as scary as the
horror movies I was forced to watch because my eldest sibling left me no option.

Even the sky mourns your absence for the moon has been drowned
by the tears of a broken heart; by the blood of a wounded soul.
I have been sacrificed to the lone gods by the pain that stabs my heart.

Mother, your phone is ringing. Mother, your daughter is calling. Please! Answer!
How did you become housemates with the darkness, whose life you ended?
How do I swim this ocean of a new beginning on which my sorrow floats?

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