It’s the start of a new year

January 14, 2022
New Beginning
January 14, 2022

It’s the start of a new year

Written by Olabisi Abiodun Akinwale

& I do not want to write how new resolutions
crisscross the sky in white robes & holy linings
or how the fuzz of uncertainties lurks around
the journey ahead & the nosey eyes of dawn,
it’s like trimming your body to fit in the spaces of salvation,
tell me, what beauty lies in embracing newness in shadows?
for me, I’m starting off with my weaknesses, with what sits
inside of me like a time bomb groaning to explode,
groaning to break my bones to sand & pebbles,
but I long to fetch God into my wreckage, to retrieve my heart
from the dark & suck venoms of loss from my loins.
for me, I want to walk into the year in my true reflection,
a broken song seeking asylum in the harps of angels.
I want to seek beauty in the mundane,
solicit solace from the silence death made clear,
I want to grieve where the birds are singing & flowers are chuckling,
where the sea is at peace with memories of the dead.
for me, I’m walking into the year with open arms,
even in the dimmest of reality, I want to live, bloom & breathe art
like I have accosted a starlight falling straight from the eyes of God.

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  1. Mohammed Kabir says:

    Fantastic write up from a brilliant writer full of wisdom

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