I Never Saw My Mother Dance

September 14, 2021
How I View Freedom From A Windowpane
September 14, 2021

I Never Saw My Mother Dance

Written by Doug Tanoury

I know that this may seem somewhat odd,

But I never saw my mother dance.

I think because it calls for throwing off

All inhibitions and stepping

Through the world for a short time

With unselfconscious joy.


Neither tango, nor rumba

Not even a weak attempted cha-cha,

But always looking wistfully

From the sidelines.

She is of course Canadian,

And therefore, a bit rhythmically challenged,

But even they can do

A crude flatfooted Celtic two step.


I think that it was just too many fears

And too little joy that are the root causes

Of her inability to move free

And unconstrained, like music itself,

Across a large dance floor.

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