May 15, 2021
June 14, 2021


Written By Jo Nketiah

For once this silence is not golden
This silence is death
This silence enslaves as with social injustice
And the emancipation of the mind is a freedom we long hope for

Silence is not golden
And we cannot scream out in the streets
To all the men and women who questions the language of our mother’s Tongue
We are buried with fears
Because there’s no hope for a cage bird whose beak is cut off
and thrown away with all the million songs of freedom

And who will tell our stories
Where is our place in history
If our mouth remains shut with bridles of social fears

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  1. Eleh Esther Chimdindu says:

    Who Will Tell Our Story?
    Where Is Our Place In History?
    If Our Mouth Remains Shut In Bridles Of Social Fears?!
    This is my favourite ♥️

    Love Jo Nketiah ♥️

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