Duet in Counterpoint

New Beginning
January 14, 2022
February 15, 2022

Duet in Counterpoint

Bill Frayer


Together sixty-three years.

He couldn’t hear much;

she couldn’t see much.

yet together they danced.


Cooking was a skirmish.

She shouted instructions.

He understood the gist,

sometimes improvising,

always cheerful, nodding his head.


Mornings she listened to NPR,

annoyed when he asked

what she wanted for breakfast.


I’ll have eggs.  Now quiet!

I can’t hear the news when you talk.


What?  Did you say eggs?

Would you like toast with that?


Quiet.  I’m listening.


Okay.  With marmalade? 


She reminisced about when they met;

he just smiled, pretending to hear.

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