Diary of a boy in captivity

March 16, 2021
A Petty Trader’s Son and His Fate
April 15, 2021

Diary of a boy in captivity

Written by Tukur Loba Ridwan

as artisans of grief, they have learned to weave fabrics of agony for teary souls. how they are the
fate hammering us with the heat of loss puts hell on apprenticeship. they make our eyes stream
out of the doors of happiness. they make helpless mothers probe God to know why we are angels
only for our wings to be clipped by their uncurtailed felony. now, we have gotten used to this
omnipresent silence. no divine intervention whatsoever— only fervent prayers we make
ceaselessly like parrots. we have crammed the long symphonies of patience and they have been
our conductors— an orchestra of ordeals on a land fertilized by blood. even though the skin of
our hopes has gone pale with time. a girl hopes to be the beacon for others on a great escape, but
they have them all under their laps, to make generations of biohazards— used to be street
beggars— almajiris. a boy has crashed on his way home— he might have all the tales for intel,
but his escape failed him.

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