Brighter than light

       Shall I compare her…
August 16, 2021
The Creation of a W(hu)man
August 16, 2021

Brighter than light

Written by Emecheta Christian

We construe beauty using our eye’s lenses

When it is an energy that should revive our spirit.

Something tells me to blame it on nurture

While another staunchly points at nature.

Beauty is more transparent than opaque,

It crawls into one’s head like a tumor,

And exposes the eyes to something brighter than light,

Sometimes it makes our hair stand at attention,

A kiss from beauty resonates over fifty lifetimes.

It is the hit track that keeps spirits gyrating,

The voice of a silent stream,

The god our ancestors erect shrines for.

Beauty is more than cosmetics to ugliness,

It reconstructs us from the inside out,

And makes us visible even in abundant darkness.

I will briskly accept beauty over riches,

Because it unlocks the vault to eternal wealth.

Beauty remains a mystery to many

Who construe it using their eye’s lenses.


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