Born to Die

A Petty Trader’s Son and His Fate
April 15, 2021
For the love of lust
April 15, 2021

Born to Die

Wanjohi Muturi

For many cultures on our continent
To talk about it is seen as a taboo
We talk in hushed whispers, afraid it long arms
Will yank the soul of a loved one
We appease it with gifts, song and dance
We chase it away with rituals like a mother would her stubborn child

For centuries humans have pondered about it
Are we a vessel, a soul confined to its human prison?
Set free when the heart beats its last
An eternal slumber slowly creeps in
Oblivious of pain and anguish with the final breath

O dark one why not let us be?
Why take them one by one young and old
Plucking them
Until all we have left is a withered stalk
a memory fading away
Silence dawns, darkness engulfs
We are all alone

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