February 15, 2022
stars on flames
February 15, 2022


Ojo Olumide Emmanuel 


for the umpteenth time

i have found the wonders of heaven

firmly rooted inside your eyes.

i’m a scavenger on the ocean of your body

& on your face, i found your eyes-

twitching with pearls; so iridescent that

each time i slide into my bed at night

the memories of the glow in your eyes lighten the

darkest corners of my heart.

i sniff you from afar like the best delicacies

of my mother’s kitchen; delightful beyond

hyperboles is how i concoct my heart in  reverie of your beauty.

& like a devoted “love-shipper”

i’ve moulded my heart into a temple for your abode &

in this poem, i am swabbing my tongues with libations;

i am calling the elements to watch the glide of my mouth

in lune of songs & dance for this “love-ship”

that you may continue to dwell in me & i in you

forever, in dutiful clasp.




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