Finding Beauty
August 16, 2021
       Shall I compare her…
August 16, 2021


Written by Divine Inyang

love is how to hold a candle to the human panorama

to catch only a glimpse of noumena. that which

defies definition. that which is determined in the

language of eyes.


when I say my mother carved my face out from

a sentimental block of stars, I mean that

upon her gaze, I jut a celestial meaning, ripe for glory


kisses. today, I let the sun dawdle into sunset

before passing judgment on a day. I turn inward to

remember mother is the shade that quells the inquest. hence love


is also how the eye redeems beauty and skims for joy.

so perhaps flamingo. or starling. or egret. as the story wills –

I shapeshift – upon the eye that colors my tale.

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