At Life’s Ebbing

Old Age
October 14, 2021
Portrait of My Grandfather, Smiling
November 15, 2021

At Life’s Ebbing

Written by Samuel Jechie

senescence engulfs my journey –
my lamp’s dimming, my skin’s wrinkling;
moving’s more chore than fun.
my defence’s breaking
making geriatrics like my spouse.

i sometimes look helpless like a baby –
i stand and walk by a support;
i shed silent tears, bemoaning my state.

my prime gifted me memories dear:
reading Shakespeare; watching Charlie Chaplin;
fun partying. toiling for meat. and losses!
oh dear bitter sweet memoir!

i am now threescore, a decade and half;
my likes, between a score less or a decade more –
the number matters less but the state.

my only smile, negating the blue:
i see my children marry; watch their children play.
i sit thinking more than walk
i embrace solitude in my attendants’ presence
i anticipate rest. to sleep soundly. to see peace!

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