A Million Bubbles
February 14, 2021
February 14, 2021


When I see how the word “love” has been carelessly used these days, it makes me wonder if it’s still worth it. I wish we can be deliberate the way plants are. Taking out carbon dioxide and giving us oxygen even when we are mean & cutting them down, they do what they are meant to do regardless–give us life. How will it be if we can see past our flaws and see our imperfections as what makes us beautifully imperfect–a perfect soul in imperfect flesh.

Once, I asked an old couple how they managed to keep the wheels of their love moving. They echoed the same thing, before the body get wrinkled, we made the commitment of enjoying little things like sniffing air after the rain, discussing how the rainbow was not full. With that, we made fun of issues and bonded through the seemingly senseless discussions. To light up the walls of our souls. To uncover ourselves from being enigmas. To be mysteriously vulnerable peeling every skin of doubt until we become bare with truth, love & peace.

Now that their bodies have wrinkled they never let their love wither & that’s what I want. For us to get the love we want from the person we love till…


Yours in art,


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