My Woven Poetry is a magazine with the aim of brewing and strengthening the imaginative mind of poets through an image.

We want poets to think out of the ordinary and give their words life with freedom of interpretation (of course, we all deserve that as writers).

Woven words that are flesh to the skeleton of an image. We want something abstract,  literal, figurative, just crazy! We don’t impede your muse with themes; follow your mind & the picture.

My Woven Poetry is run by art enthusiasts calling themselves night shadows. They do something else in the day but at night, most of them are poets, computer gurus, Hyper realist Artists and so on. You can be sure they are crazy but it is the craziness that births My Woven Poetry (a sister magazine to MyWovenWords).

We look forward to seeing you every month with all shades of craziness and brilliance.

At My Woven Poetry, we only write what is right.




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